Dear Friends,

For many years we have all seen Blogs by sports personalities, politicians, financial gurus, technical people, artist and performers. In the investment business, I see Blogs every day and read a few myself. Although I am not a literary expert, I am amused and amazed by what I read. Nearly every day I read something that I believe has merit for my friends and clients, but may have been presented in a technical manner that is difficult to understand or topics that may not apply. So, I have decided to write a blog that will be a little different, maybe a cross between Ann Landers (yes, I am dating myself) and Mohammed El-Erian, Chief Economist for Allianz. My goal is to write about finances and how it could affect you and your family economically. Sometimes I will include some personal anecdotes and maybe some inner secrets about me. I like to use personal stories to make a point and to occasionally tell about my mistakes, so you won’t suffer the same misfortune.

Now, read the subject line BullBearPen.com, I want to provide some background to the BLOG Title. …Read more

October 2017

Now coming in from the bullpen in left field is southpaw Rick Wagener.  While Rick is jogging to the mound, he takes a quick look around the stands and sees some good friends.  He sees Dr. Rob and son, Alex.  They are here today to watch a good game.  Alex has been away at college; we wonder if Alex has executed some important legal documents?

With all of the kids heading back to college, it occurred to me that our parents’ to-do lists should include a few important legal documents such as a Power of Attorney (POA).  What, a power of attorney for our college students?  Once those little ones turn age 18, moms and dads no longer have the same control or authority over students financial and health well-being.  You have raised them and of course want them to be independent and to live on their own, but what if they cannot make a decision???? …Read more